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Xtreme Full Car Detail $175.00

Mobile Detail - we come to you

A meticulous cleaning of every crack and crevice of your vehicle. Equal attention is paid to all interior and exterior surfaces. This is our most complete and popular package due to the high level of cleaning performed at such an affordable price. Spoil your vehicle and yourself with a fresh from the showroom look and feel. OUR BEST VALUE!!

Vomit Removal

mobile detailing - vomit removal

Holiday parties, sick kids, car sickness. What do they have in common? The need to find a vomit removal service. Vomit is never a fun subject to discuss, but when you need to clean the vomit out of your car, you will realize how much you appreciate this type of service.

Our Onsite professional technician will come to you to take care of the job. The first thing they will do is scoop up any solid matter. They will get into any cracks and crevices to make sure that none is left behind.

They will remove, clean, and disinfect any mats, seat covers or other removable accessories that have been affected. They will disinfect the upholstery and/or carpets to make sure that your vehicle smells fresh and clean.

**Prices vary depending on size and scope of the vehicle

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High End Polish & Wax

mobile detailing - wax and polish

We wash and dry your vehicles exterior, then we apply a high end and protective wax, to bring back the luster in your vehicles paint finish.

**Prices vary depending on size and scope of the vehicle

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Paint Correction

mobile detailing - paint correction

The method of removing the micro scratches from your vehicles exterior finish. Over time, washing and driving your vehicle get these scratches. This service brings back the mirror finish of your vehicle.

**Prices vary depending on size and scope of the vehicle

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Mold Removal Service

mobile detailing - car mold removal

Mold can build up to toxic levels, if it is left to grow and increase. Mold is a common fungus that can grow almost anywhere when moisture is present for an extended period of time.

It is extremely important to fix the problem that allowed the moisture into your car. This may be a leaky windshield, a broken window, or a loose or missing seal.

Once the problem is fixed your next call should be to a professional who can extract the water from the carpets and seats, and apply the appropriate chemicals to the surfaces to kill the mold. Revitalizing the interior of your car and restoring it to a safe level of use.

**Prices vary depending on size and scope of the vehicle

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Odor Removal

mobile detailing - car odor removal

Pet odors, cigarette smoke. Spilled milk. All very unpleasant odors. It is embarrassing to take your client, friends or date in a car that smells horrible! You do not have to be stuck with these odors in your car. Our professional technicians will come to your home or office to remove the cause of these odors, leaving your car smelling clean and fresh. Every part of the interior of your car will be cleaned and disinfected to insure that the odors are gone.

**Prices vary depending on size and scope of the vehicle

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